Help Us End Homelessness in California

We need your help to make sure Assemblymember Luz Rivas’ proposed Bring California Home Act is signed into law. The bill is set to put forth $2.4 billion per year toward solving California’s homeless crisis by increasing taxes on wealthy corporations with profits of $5 million or more. You can help us advocate for this proposed legislation by joining us to participate in the virtual Bring California Home Advocacy Day! Team up with NEVHC and advocates for those experiencing homelessness across the state and speak up on the importance of ending California’s homeless problem. Bring California Home Advocacy Day: • Educate our state elected officials about the services we provide to our unsheltered neighbors community • Learn about solutions to...

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Stand Up for Your Community’s Health

Advocacy allows Community Health Centers (CHCs), like NEVHC, to provide quality healthcare to underserved and underrepresented patients. We need you to join our advocacy network and support measures like President Biden’s American Rescue Plan so our patients get equal care. Join our advocacy network here!   How Can I Help Today? Start your advocacy journey by writing an email to your Member of Congress and urge them to vote in favor of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. The proposed bill provides $1.9 trillion toward COVID-19 relief efforts, much of which will be allocated toward CHCs. The plan will allow us to expand our COVID-19 testing and vaccination capacity, in addition to providing personal protective equipment that will ensure the safety...

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