Board of Directors

Since 1973, Northeast Valley Health Corporation’s philosophy and belief has been that everyone has the basic human right to safe and quality health care regardless of economic status or ability to pay. Proudly, our goal is to provide accessible healthcare services and programs in a culturally and linguistically competent manner for a healthy, vibrant community.

NEVHC, as a nonprofit federally qualified health center (FQHC), is mandated by federal regulations to maintain a Board of Directors that is made up of a minimum of fifty one percent (51%) of directors who receive their healthcare directly from NEVHC. The rest of our members are interested community professionals that either live or work in our service area… they are members of the community; they are patients of NEVHC. Northeast Valley Health Corporation is truly a community owned and operated Community Health Center.

Our current Board Members include:



Stella Mendoza

Chairperson, Professional

Kurt Cabrera-Miller

Vice Chairperson, Professional

Juan F. Vargas, MD

Treasurer, Professional

Mark Stokes

Secretary, Consumer






General Information

Members of the Board serve for a three (3) year term; and are eligible to serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms – nine (9) years maximum.

As volunteer members of the Board of Directors, members are charged with the governance of NEVHC; a policy-setting board. New members are provided with an orientation on NEVHC – our facilities and the programs and services that are provided in the community. Members receive free training, meals, reimbursement for child care, mileage and the opportunity for some limited paid travel.



  • As a member of the Board, members are asked to attend at least two (2) meetings a month – the monthly General Board meeting and to participate on at least one Standing Committee of the Board. Meetings are generally held on Monday evenings and on occasion, Saturdays.
  • Interested applicants must pass a credentialing process which is required to comply with Federal and/or State requirements (i.e. Title 22 clinic licensing; MediCal application process, State Board of Pharmacy, etc). Credentialing may involve fingerprinting, background checks, having a valid social security number and ID.
  • If driving and claiming mileage with NEVHC, a Board Member must have a valid California Class 3 driver’s license and proof of liability insurance.
  • Sign an annual Conflict of Interest Code (policy HR680)
  • Adhere to an informal Code of Ethics Prepare for meetings, provide input and ask questions
  • Work to build good Board Member relationships that contribute to consensus


Qualifications to become a member of the Board of Directors

If applying as a CONSUMER/PATIENT member, you must be a current patient and actual user of health center medical services (within the last six months), with NEVHC being the primary source of your health care. If applying as a PROFESSIONAL member, you must live or work in the community and represent an area of expertise needed by the Board of Directors.

How to apply:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of our Board of Directors, please download and submit a Board Application Form along with your resume, if available to:

Northeast Valley Health Corporation Attn: Board of Directors 1172 N. Maclay Avenue San Fernando, CA 91340












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