HealthCare Reform

What Does Health Care Reform Mean to Me?

What is Health Care Reform?

Known as Obama Care or Affordable Care Act (ACA)-Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), it is a law passed in March 2010 to help provide greater access to affordable health insurance and preventive health services to nearly all Americans beginning Jan. 2014.  Most U.S. citizen and legal residents will be required to have health insurance for themselves and their family members.  These plans cover services that are important to you such as doctor visits, hospitalizations, ER care and prescriptions.  Insurance plans will no longer be able to deny you coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Visit www.healthcare.gov to learn more.

How Does Health Care Reform Affect Medi-Cal?

In 2014, Medi-Cal will expand to cover more people.  Individuals and families earning less than 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL) will be eligible for Medi-Cal, Pregnant women up to 200% FPL and children in households up to 250% FPL will continue to be eligible for Medi-Cal.

Visit dpss.lacounty.gov/dpss/health to learn more.

What is Covered California?

Covered California is the state’s new health insurance marketplace. Individuals and small employers can buy health insurance through Covered California.  People with incomes between 138%- 400% FPL will be eligible for premium subsidies to help lower the cost of the monthly premiums.  People with incomes up to 250% FPL will be eligible for cost-sharing subsidies to help lower co-pays/deductibles.  Covered California will allow you to easily compare health plans and enroll.

Visit www.coveredca.com to learn more.

I Already Have Health Insurance.  How will Health Care Reform  Affect Me?

If you already have health insurance, you can keep it.  Health Care Reform does not require you to change your health insurance.  If you have Medi-Cal you can keep this insurance. If you have Medicare, health care reform may lower the cost of your medicine. You won’t have to pay for preventive care like cancer screenings, vaccines, flu shots and wellness visits.

Can I still come to NEVHC for health care services with all these changes?

Yes, you can still come to NEVHC for health care services.  NEVHC accepts the following Medi-Cal health plans: L.A. Care Health Plan,  Care 1st,  Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet  and Molina.  NEVHC will also participate in Covered California starting in January 2014 under the following health plans:  Health Net and L.A. Care.

How Can NEVHC Help Me?

For more information and get assistance, call 1-866 MY NEVHC (696-3842) or email us at  Insurancehelp@nevhc.org .

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