Executive Team


Kimberly Wyard<div> </div><hr>

Kimberly Wyard

Chief Executive Officer
    Patricia Moraga<div> </div><hr>

    Patricia Moraga

    Chief Financial Officer



      Executive Staff

      Joy Ahrens, Director of WIC

      Stephen Gutierrez, Chief Information Officer

      Grace Hardy, Dental Director

      Gina Johnson, M.D., Medical Director of Pediatrics

      Susan Jones, Director of Development and External Affairs

      Alicia Lwin, M.D., Medical Director of Adult Medicine

      Sherri Lewitz, Corporate Compliance Officer and Risk Manager

      Maite Martin, Director of Health Care Operations

      Marirose Medina, RN, Director of Nursing

      Patricia Moraga, CFO

      Margaret Natarajan, M.D., Medical Director of Women’s Health

      Theresa “Missy” Nitescu, COO

      Christine Park, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

      Debra Rosen, Director of Quality and Health Education

      Paul Smith, Controller

      Jose Luis Trejo, Director of Human Resources

      Kimberly Wyard, CEO


      Medical Leadership
      Christine Park, MD, MPH<div> </div><hr>

      Christine Park, MD, MPH

      Chief Medical Officer
        Margaret Natarajan, MD<div> </div><hr>

        Margaret Natarajan, MD

        Medical Director of Women's Health
          Alicia Lwin, MD<div> </div><hr>

          Alicia Lwin, MD

          Medical Director of Adult Medicine
            Gina Johnson, MD<div> </div><hr>

            Gina Johnson, MD

            Medical Director of Pediatrics
              Grace Hardy, DDS<div> </div><hr>

              Grace Hardy, DDS

              Dental Director
                Alexis Gutierrez, DDS<div> </div><hr>

                Alexis Gutierrez, DDS

                Associate Dental Director
                  Yolanda Cespedes-Knadle, PhD<hr>

                  Yolanda Cespedes-Knadle, PhD

                  Behavioral Health Director