Step-by-Step Instructions for Your Video Visit

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Guide: Your Video Visit

Before you join your visit:

Joining your visit:

1. Appointment Confirmation

You should receive two messages or an email from OTTO Health with the link to your appointment and a device connection guide.

2. Day before Appointment

Click on the “Patient Resources” link in your text confirmation or the “Test My Device” button in your email confirmation.

Your device camera, microphone, and internet connection will be tested to make sure everything will run smoothly on the day of your appointment.

Please make sure you are using the device and network that you will be using at the time of your visit.

3. Day of Appointment

Follow the appointment link that was sent to your phone and/or email. Please make sure to only use browsers such as: Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

Click on Get Started to begin.

4. Appointment Registration

Begin your registration process by selecting your state.

Review and Agree to Telehealth Risks and benefits.

Review and Agree to All requirements under Consent to Use of Telehealth.

NOTE: You can start the consent process 1 hour before your appointment.

5. Telehealth Policy

Click to checkmark acknowledgments one, two, and three.

If telehealth visit is your own, click on Self then click Agree.

If the telehealth visit is for a dependent, click on Legal Representative.You will need to provide your name and relationship to the dependent before you can click Agree.

6. Join Visit

Click to checkmark the box if you would like a copy of the consents sent to your email after the visit.

Click Join Visit

NOTE: You will not be able to join the visit more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.

7. Allow Camera Access

Allow access to your microphone and camera. Please note that allowing access is only temporary while you are on the OTTO website.The visit will never be recorded.

Click on the Start button. You will then be directed to the virtual waiting room until your provider joins the visit.

Connection Guide

Internet and WIFI

• We recommend using a secure and private internet connection (or cellular service on your mobile device). If you are in a corporate office, firewalls often block the video connection. Turn off WiFi and refresh your page on a cellular device, or try another secure WiFi network on your computer.

To Join Visit

• Patients join via emailed or texted link

• No app needed

Audio and Video

• Device must have front-facing camera

• Allow browser access to camera and microphone

• Earphones must have a microphone

• Turn device volume up

Need help?

• Visit the tech support page connect.ottohealth.com/video/test.

• Run a quick test prior to your Virtual Visit at ottohealth.com/techsupport.

Device Guide


• Update your browser to the most recent version.

Please note: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are NOT supported.

Supported browsers:

Google Chrome






• Update your device to the most recent operating system (version 8 or later).

Supported browsers:

Google Chrome


• Make sure you are using an iPhone 6, or later.

• Update your device to the most recent operating system (version 11 or later).

Supported browsers:



If you have questions regarding your health care needs, payment or scheduling, please contact your provider’s office directly.

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