Health Education Calendar

IMPORTANT: The NEVHC Health Education Department will be taking the precautionary measures in response to Coronavirus (COVID 19). We will postpone our group health education classes until further notice. For more information about our health education services, please call our Health Education Department at 818-270-9508, or email us at HealthEd@nevhc.org.


VIRTUAL HEALTH EDUCATION CLASSES: While we are not offering group classes in-person at the moment during this COVID-19 Stay-at-Home period, we are excited to announce that we are now offering free Zoom classes in English and Spanish. Our classes are taught by specialized Health Educators, Family Medicine Care Coordinators, and/or Registered Dietitians. All classes are free of charge. Click on the links below to register for a class today. You will receive an e-mail with the class information upon registering. For more information, or to speak to a Health Educator please call the Health Education Line at (818) 270-9508 or e-mail HealthEd@nevhc.org.

Healthy Eating, Active Living Class: Learn about the benefits of eating different food groups, how to understand nutrition facts labels, ways to be physically active, tips for meal planning and delicious recipes.

Healthy Eating, Active Living (English) Telehealth 10 AM, 2nd Monday of the Month https://bit.ly/3fqgCfb

Healthy Eating, Active Living (English) Telehealth 3 PM, 4th Monday of the Month https://bit.ly/2BXXszs

Healthy Eating, Active Living (Spanish) Telehealth 10 AM, 2nd Wednesday of the Month https://bit.ly/3fudIGj

Healthy Eating, Active Living (Spanish) Telehealth 3 PM, 4th Wednesday of the Month https://bit.ly/3i3fT52

Blood Pressure Class: Have high blood pressure? Join us to learn how to control high blood pressure with exercise, medications, weight management and healthy eating.

Blood Pressure Class (Spanish) Telehealth 3:30 PM, 4th Wednesday of the Month https://bit.ly/31C58jH

Diabetes Prevention Program Class: The Diabetes Prevention Program is a year-long program that empowers participants to achieve their health goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. The program is designed to decrease the risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Program (English) Telehealth 2 PM, Wednesdays. Registration open until September 16, 2020.https://bit.ly/3gKvnLd






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