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Advocacy allows Community Health Centers (CHCs), like NEVHC, to provide quality healthcare to underserved and underrepresented patients. We need you to join our advocacy network and support measures like President Biden’s American Rescue Plan so our patients get equal care. Join our advocacy network here!


How Can I Help Today?

Start your advocacy journey by writing an email to your Member of Congress and urge them to vote in favor of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

The proposed bill provides $1.9 trillion toward COVID-19 relief efforts, much of which will be allocated toward CHCs. The plan will allow us to expand our COVID-19 testing and vaccination capacity, in addition to providing personal protective equipment that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of our valued patients.


Why Advocate?

Without advocacy, we run the risk of decreasing our quality of care for all patients. From minor inconveniences such as longer patient wait times, to larger issues like discontinuing critical services such as COVID-19 testing, a lack of advocacy hurts patients. Frankly put, without advocates like you our health centers would only be able to perform a fraction of our current services.


Key Issues that Benefit from Advocacy Efforts:

  • • COVID-19 vaccine supply
  • • Telehealth funding and capacity
  • • Healthcare for all 65 and older
  • • Lower prescription drug costs
  • • Better facilities for patients

It’s a fact that there’s strength in numbers. With more advocates and advocacy efforts, we stand taller. Take your community’s health into your own hands and join our advocacy network on the right side of the page! 

Join the Advocacy Network

It's a fact that there's strength in numbers. With more advocacy efforts we stand taller. Take your community's health into your own hands and join our advocacy network on the right side of this page!

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