Help Us End Homelessness in California

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We need your help to make sure Assemblymember Luz Rivas’ proposed Bring California Home Act is signed into law. The bill is set to put forth $2.4 billion per year toward solving California’s homeless crisis by increasing taxes on wealthy corporations with profits of $5 million or more. You can help us advocate for this proposed legislation by joining us to participate in the virtual Bring California Home Advocacy Day! Team up with NEVHC and advocates for those experiencing homelessness across the state and speak up on the importance of ending California’s homeless problem.

Bring California Home Advocacy Day:

• Educate our state elected officials about the services we provide to our unsheltered neighbors community

• Learn about solutions to ending homelessness

• Hear from other passionate homelessness advocates across the state

• No advocacy experience is needed

Homelessness is a major social determinant of health quality. Our efforts to provide quality healthcare to thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness at both our Transitions to Wellness Van Nuys and North Hollywood sites have provided key insights into the challenges that people experiencing homelessness face. We know that without stable housing, individuals and families are at a higher risk of developing adverse health conditions, and they may not be able to prioritize their health. Obtaining proper housing relieves some of the immediate burdens faced by individuals experiencing homelessness, and allows them the stability needed to focus on their health and seek out healthcare. 

This is a golden opportunity to create a statewide strategy for ending homelessness.  We need your help to let legislatures know how important this bill is to the health of our communities!


Help End Homelessness in California

Take action and register for Bring California Home Advocacy Day today! Together we can end homelessness in California!

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