Take Action by Participating in the 2020 Redistricting Process

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Every ten years, the district boundaries for Members of Congress, State Legislators and local governments are redrawn to make sure that each districts’ population size is equal through a process called redistricting. This year, the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission will use 2020 Census data to redraw districts lines.

We encourage you to participate in the 2020 Redistricting Process by using the “Draw My Community” tool. This tool will be used by the Commission to draw district lines that accurately portray the size, features and characteristics of your community. 

Proper representation is necessary to secure proper resources, funding and policies that benefit your community according to its cultural, transportation, environmental and healthcare needs. District lines are only redrawn every ten years, which means your involvement is more important now than ever. The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is an independent body that takes your input into direct consideration when redrawing the official district lines, so stand up for your community and let the Commission know who and where your community is. 

Why Redistricting Matters:

• Maximize the impact of our vote by keeping our communities in a single district.

• Ensure that your voice is heard when policy decisions are made on key issues important to our patients such as Medicaid, WIC, CHIP and more.

• Prevent gerrymandering (manipulating district lines to benefit one party or social class)

When describing your community using the “Draw My Community” tool, be sure to include:

• The common economic and social interests in your community.

• Where your community is located.

• What nearby areas would you like your community to be grouped with or not grouped with.

• Why your community should be kept together during the redistricting process.

In the coming months you will also have the opportunity to voice your opinion directly to the Redistricting Commission via written testimony and public comment! Stay tuned for more updates!

Participate in the Redistricting Process!

Your input is critical in shaping your community's future. Take action and help inform the Redistricting Commission about the unique needs and demographics of your community.

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