Support the LIFT Act & Federal CHC Funding

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Members of Congress will begin to review President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. Congress must pass 12 appropriation bills to fund the federal government by September 30. We need your help in urging Members of Congress to support $2.2. billion in discretionary funding for Community Health Centers (CHCs) in this year’s federal budget, as well as funding for CHC capital improvements by passing the Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s America Act (LIFT Act), which will include $10 billion in capital funding for CHCs.


Increased discretionary funding and the LIFT America Act will allow us to continue expanding our facilities and services, including the hiring of additional providers, the continuation of innovative services such as our Medical Assisted Program and our clinical pharmacist who helps our most medically sensitive patients. According to the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), the last CHC infrastructure investment made by Congress was in 2009 when CHCs served less than 18 million patients. Currently, CHCs serve over 30 million patients nationwide.


Help us by taking action to urge our Members of Congress to commit to supporting $2.2 billion in discretionary funding in this year’s budget, as well as passing the LIFT America Act, which will provide $10 billion in CHC infrastructure investments.

Support CHC Funding and the LIFT Act!

Support Community Health Centers by urging our Members of Congress to support $2.2 billion in discretionary funding and pass the LIFT Act!

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