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18 December 2020
Jeanie, Nurse Practitioner, Transitions to Wellness

I work with people experiencing homelessness. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many of our clients are having a difficult time fulfilling their basic needs because many businesses are closed. Many specialty offices including NEVHC have converted visits to telehealth, which is difficult for these individuals whose phones may not be charged

18 December 2020
Michael, Behavioral Health Provider

I've seen patients along a whole spectrum, from those who are homeless to those who have been housed. We continue to see patients at Transitions to Wellness even if they become housed in order

18 December 2020
Olga, Consumer Relations Coordinator

Early in March, Mission College Student Health Center had a patient walk in after visiting the hospital over the weekend for cold/flu like symptoms. The patient had been advised to stay home, but she was very

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