Joy, Director of the WIC Program

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Due to COVID-19, NEVHC WIC offices closed their doors to the public on March 23. This decision was necessary to flatten the curve and to protect the health of staff and clients, but it created a challenge for us to provide food benefits to over 34,000 participants! Luckily, the State WIC office lifted some restrictions and allowed some flexibilities so that we could provide WIC services remotely. We posted a sign on the door and asked our families to contact us by phone, text or email. 

At the time of closure, our agency had already switched over 2/3 of our clients to the new WIC card. For the other 1/3 who still needed a card, this was a challenge. After making contact with these clients and confirming a few details, we were able to mail these families their new WIC card. Even though they would have to wait a few days to receive their benefits, these families were so grateful that we could mail the cards and that they did not have to come to the WIC office.

In March 2020, we issued benefits to over 34,000, in April 2020 that number increased to over 36,000! WIC is a safety net for the community, and we are proud to be able to offer food security to thousands of families. We’ve been working harder than ever the past few weeks, but we feel good about the work we’ve done and the services that we continue to provide. WIC makes a difference!

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